Client Victories

$20 Million Arbitration Award – Jim was lead counsel with a litigation team representing a New York State (NYS) public authority in a commercial arbitration action, where his client won an award in excess of $20 million.  This commercial real estate arbitration was brought against a tenant and subtenant of an office tower in Manhattan.  The dispute concerned language in a ground release relating to the calculation of percentage rent.  Jim also supervised subsequent litigation relating to the arbitration award in NYS Supreme Court which was also successful for his client. (Parties are subject to a confidentiality agreement).

Probate Actions in Surrogate Court – Jim has helped many families through the sometimes complicated process of probating an estate in Surrogate Court by ensuring that executors understand the applicable law and properly follow the wishes in the decedent’s will. Jim helps the executor protect the estate’s assets.

Real Estate Closings – Jim has represented sellers and buyers in hundreds of real estate transactions in Westchester County, from contracts to closing. He walks his clients through every step of the closing process and works diligently to keep a positive working relationship with all involved parties to ensure a successful closing day.

Will Challenge – A granddaughter was not included in a will. Jim filed a will contest in Westchester County Surrogate Court and raised issues about the execution of the will, and after extensive litigation, he was able to obtain a settlement for the woman so that she received a portion of the estate at distribution.

Maisano v. Spano – In his service as a Westchester County Legislator, Jim identified an action by the County Executive (the moving of a county sewer line without legislative approval) which violated Westchester County law.  Jim filed an action in NYS Supreme Court, along with seven other legislators, to force the County Executive to comply with county law.  The action was dismissed in Supreme Court and the legislators appealed to the NYS Appellate Division, Second Department.  This appeal was victorious and the action was reinstated. Shortly thereafter, the matter was settled with the County Executive agreeing to comply with the demands of the legislator plaintiffs.  Jim supervised all stages of this litigation as a pro bono attorney.

Snatchko v. Westfield – Jim was part of a team that drafted and filed an amicus brief in a California state court civil rights action on behalf of a religious liberty organization. The amicus brief was submitted to a California appellate court to protect the First Amendment rights of a preacher arrested for proselytizing at a shopping mall.  The preacher’s civil rights action had been dismissed at the trial court.  The appeal was successful and the appellate court reinstated the preacher’s action.

Quantum v. Sprint Nextel – Jim was part of a litigation team defending Sprint Nextel in a copyright infringement and fraud action brought by a vendor seeking millions of dollars in damages.  Jim was involved in all phases of discovery, motion practice and the trial, and he and his team were able to dismiss the vast majority of plaintiff’s claims, thereby saving the client millions of dollars.  This federal court action was tried in the Eastern District of Virginia.

Vendor’s Unpaid Bills By College – A college refused to pay several bills for one of its vendors for services fully provided.  Jim brought an action in Westchester County Supreme Court on behalf of the vendor, and his legal work resulted in the client being reimbursed by the college for the outstanding bills in an amount close to $200,000.  (Parties are subject to a confidentiality agreement).

(Please note that every case or legal matter is different and prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome).

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