In case you were wondering, I practice law in the following areas . . .

I have been practicing law for close to 20 years and developed a practice in the following areas of law:
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Collections Litigation
  • Contract Disputes
  • Real Estate Transactions and Litigation
  • Personal Injury Litigation
  • Wills & Estates 
  • Government Relations
  • Election Law

There is an initial free consultation for all clients.

If you are looking for an attorney for a particular matter or have questions about any legal issue, please feel free to contact me at:


Phone:  914-636-1621


James Maisano, Esq.

One response

  1. Jim,
    Currently, I am a freelance graphics designer in the Business Development Dept. at Sullivan & Cromwell.

    In the past, I have worked for White & Case and a number of large financial service & insurance companies.

    Of course, I have done plenty of work for smaller companies & firms like the Lobo Law Firm.

    So if you need anything: fillabe forms, contracts in PDF or MS Word format or anything else you know who to call – me.

    Remember, I designed and produced your 10 Days Brunch event journal in under 24 hours.

    All the best & congratulation on your new venture.

    Brad Spear

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